Uh, Yeah, Well, Nahmean

Today I am wading through emails and I ought to be restructuring a song, so hopefully my brain will explode from the wading and I can start over and do that beat in a bt. WE SHALL SEE!

Jack Nimble's on his way over actually. More beats. YES INDEED. And an interview at 4. I might do it in a Scottish accent.

One of the interviews I did on Monday afternoon is up, by the way. Interestingly, dude who did it was doing that "typeywhileyoutalk" thing, rather than recording it, but I must say, it is considerably more accurate in spirit than most transcribed conversations, even if the words used aren't the same. That would prolly be down to a better understanding on the part of the interviewer then, which goes to show that perhaps exact wording isn't always so important. Thing is, I know by now, that no interview one ever does will be exactly as you said it. So if I am to moan about it, I ought to stop doing them, basically.


PS - Cheers Sara for the photos.