Ufck That Ninja That You Love So Bad!

Yeah, cheers Drake, for poisoning my every waking moment with a loop of your latest self loathing anthem, a genre that will hereby be referred to as Sloathe, for the WHOLE FLIPPING DAY. It woke me up. "Fuck that nigga that you love so bad," it cooed at me, interrupting a dream I was having in which Rick Ross was giving me the end of a spliff with one of those extended robot arms with the pincers. I was singing it to myself entirely unconsciously in the coffee shop. They are very tolerant in there, I must say.

So, its been a full on FACTORY in here for the past couple of days, as I finally took receipt of all that swanky The Life Equation stuff. It looks amazing. I'm glad the CDs got borked and had to be redone, because the new booklet I did that's got a load of your faces in it looks flipping gorgeous. The T-shirt is beautiful too, I am especially proud of my line work on that one. My floorboards are creaking under the weight of 2000 CDs, posters, sweets, and a couple hunnered badges and T-shirts, which I spent all of yesterday folding up and packing into little p;astic bags, for your convenience. Today I am putting them into jiffy bags, and then I will be dragging them in four big ass post sacks to the post office, where they will then be flung around the world to meet their new masters. Exclusively to the ATD.com fam, ahead of worldwide distribution at the end of August. POW!


Speaking of The Life Equation, heroic comics and pop culture cristic Chris Sims of Comics Alliance and the legendary ISB blog got hold of it last week, and reviewed and recommended it on this week's War Rocket Ajax podcast. He called it, "pretty fantastic... first of all this is a guy who did call an album The Life Equation, and does have rhymes about Darkseid in it... anybody in our wheelhouse of liking that stuff and also liking really really good, fun pop music would really get a kick out of it," which is one of the most accurate asumations I have heard thusfar - it is, indeed, really really good pop music, plain and simple -  so shout out him and his wisdom, and check out that excellent podcast, it's got a really comprehensive interview with Punisher and Ghost Writer scribe Jason Aaron, who recently told Alan Moore to go fuck himself..

[wpaudio url="http://warrocketajax.com/eps/wraV2N3.mp3" text="TITLE"]

In other joyous news, I just saw the latest version of the LITF2.5 video, and it looks BEAUTIFUL. I will be getting the HD render of that later, doing a final edit, and it will then be WITH YOU.

Hopefully I'll have time to do that Donnish Inquisition as well. and once all that's out the way, I might be able to make some MUSIC!