Two Mayor Or Not Two Mayor?

"Rah, rah, rah, we're going to rule the world"Boris Johnson, back in the day.

So, I ventured out my house yesterday to go see Park Chan-Wook, the guy who did Oldboy's new movie, I'm A Cyborg But That's OK. It was dope! A very beautiful, off-center love story set in a sanitarium. Starring a thief and cyborg. Who shoots bullets out of her fingers. Sort of. Which is dope. Oh, and she was called Young Goon, which is the best rap name I've heard all year.

Anyway. On the way back I saw the cover of one of those free London papers, the slightly-less blatantly evil one called, um, The London Paper. It had a headline that went something like


Basically saying we should give a shit about the London Mayoral elections. It went on to blather in some miserable depth about how their editorial stance was totally non-bias. This was especially funny, as the article was illustrated by a photo of but TWO of the candidates.

Yes, even here, in The Grayte Mayoral Race, the press enforce the two-party scam.

We have to choose between a proven scumbag called Ken, and a proven scumbag called Boris. Boris is a better name, and dude has better hair, so he kind of wins. That's it. They are both liars, frauds, swine of the highest, nay, LOWEST degree. They will both continue to March us into the fiery pits of the Rubbish Orwellian Control State with all the merry glee of a pair of well fed concentration camp guards.

Brian Paddick, who doesn't get to have his picture on the front of the non-biased London Paper, once said he was in favour of anarchy. I might have voted for him, had I actually been on the electoral roll, which I am totally not, for personal reasons involving debt collectors, or if I gave two shits about the circus antics of SCUMCORP-repping politicios.

How about you lot? Anyone vote? Give a crap in the slightest? Stay home playing GTA4 (you bastards!)?