Two Interviews

Hey gang. I'm still ill, so I'll be spending the rest of today working my way through all your excellent suggestions - the majority of The Omega Sanction is sample-free and self-composed/played, so it'll be fun to fuck with something else as a basis again.

Anyway. Interview time! The interview above popped up on Youtube recently, much to my surprise. It is OLD as hell - a good couple of years at least... I remember cycling out to some weird bit of London to do it back when I lived in Clapton. The guys who did it were super safe, big up them. Its a most interesting historical artifact, and worlks pretty well as an encapsulation of The Don Mk I. I look, think, sound and act rather differently to the mumbly lil' guy in the following clip, but unusually for me, I am not particularly ashamed, or embarrassed of him. I quite like him, actually. He has a funny way with words.

Anyway. My girl just sent me this interview with renowned Nazi Propoganda Machine Zack Snyder.

"I can’t work out whether I don’t like him because he made a shit movie or because he talks drivel and looks annoying," she writes. "How many times does he say ‘philosophical’?"

A lot! But, to get deep into the psyche of Herr Snyder, we just have to listen to his response to the question, what's your favourite scene in the movie?

First he tells us his favourite scene is "baby Rorschach biting the guy's face, 'cos that's my son."

Wow. Aside from that though?

"It's probably a toss up between like, you know, Rorschach throwing the [boiling] grease on, ur, the, the prisoner, cos that's just like, you know, just awesome fan fetish. It's just fun. And I also like, you know, and I do like the, the, you know, the Keane Act Riots scene, you know, The Comedian, in the Keane Act, shooting that guy with the, the tear gas cannon. It's kinda fun."

WHAT A FUCKING FREAK!!!! Someone lock his disturbed ass up! This is how serial killers think!