Two Days. One BMX Accident. One Lost Rapper. Three Videos: TLEIII

My neck is borked and will not hold my head up high, but I am flush with joy and pride at the might works myself and the Super Adventure Video Team carried out this weekend. We went to Essex, where a whopping three videos were shot, shot like traitors... three mighty works of audio-visual glory that together tell one tall yale, and will be beginning via your intertellescreens in but a few weeks time.

That photo up there is from Day One of the Life Equation Trilogy shoot (henceforth to be referred to as TLEIII). Left to right: Our director, Dr. Aaron Shrimpton, 2nd AD and "Henchman Number 2" Acid Cad Thomas , Akira The Don, Mr Lacey, and Eddie Argos, who came all the way from Berlin and showed upon time, unlike certain Big Narstie, who as mentioned in the last post, was coming all the way from, um, Essex, and managed to get entirely lost and not show up at all.

"I ended up outside Cambridge on some mad countryside roads," wailed Narstie when I finally caught up with him yesterday lunchtime, still drunk from the previous nights festivities, and his ordeal still fresh in his mind. "Seven hours driving round in circles fam. It broke my mind fam. I am never leaving my yard without a fuckin' satnav ever again. Never. Fuck that. Fuck that, fuck that,  fuck that, fuck that, fuck that fuck that fuck that fuck that, fuck THAT. I ended up broke down with no petrol on some dark road for an hour and half waiting for the AA to come and rescue man, bring man some petrol, take man back to civilisation. I was broken fam. I cried fam. Tears of PAIN. This is LIFE."

Narstie finally made it back to his home at 1am, by which time I was snuggled up in my Don Bed, ahead of day two of TLEIII. Day two was an entirely different beast, involving a new location, a larger crew, more props, breakdancers, and Accident-Prone Envy, who had come all the way from Manchester with her BMX-accident-dick-finger and was only an hour late.

It was a great day. Everything went to plan. Everybody was amazing. We shot the shit out of those videos. We shot them like highwaymen. We shot them like they stole from us. BOOM! BOOM! POW! IN YOUR FACE TLEIII! BOOM!


Here I am practicing dance moves with some of my dancers.

Here I am sharing a sofa with Accident-Prone Envy, shortly before she poked herself in the eye with some money.

Above we see the crew admiring some of Mighty Tom Coles beautiful footage.

Afterwards we linked Joey2tits and Set Dressing Tim at the Roundhouse in Camden where MF Doom and Ghostface were playing. We missed Doom, but caught the tail end of Ghost's performance. It wasn't the greatest performance of all time, and the sound was a bit shonky, and Doom never came onstage with him at the end as advertised, but it was a wonderful way to close a wonderful day.

Sunday afternoon was spent despairing at the newspapers and playing scrabble in the Kenton with my wife.

Sunday evening was spent reaquanting myself with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, AKA The Greatest Video Game of All Time. I had lately been harboring suspicions that games are not only much shorter than they used to be, but much easier too, and but an hour into my replay of GTA SA, my suspicions were confirmed. Shit is hard, son, and all the better for it. What a world was created in San Andreas! What an experience! Rockstar have a big job on their hands matching that level of wonder when they return to San Andreas next year.

Oh, before I bugger off to see Scroobius Pip and B Dolan at the Scala, here's a crazy little so-called-coincidence. My wife finally got round to filling in our census form the other week. I didn't want to submit it at all, but we decided we didn't want the £2000 finr, so went ahead and filled the bugger in. Then, yesterday, I get a message on Twitter from one of my listeners who just so happnes to work in the cesus sorting office, and just so happned to get my census. Crazy. What does it all mean?

Photos by Mighty Tom Coles and Charlotte Narkiewicz