Turkish gloop

Shit, I am a motherfucking genius. I picked up some of this fruit juice from one of the numerous identikit Turkish 24 hour mini-marts round my way, on offer, two for a pound (see right). Let it chill for a few hours in the fridge and the Dogg and I sampled a glass each. I chucked half of mine, it was fucking rough, pissblood gloop.It was like drinking medicine, and after hours in my three star fridge, the shit was warm. We were like, damn, these fucking Turks man, why the fuck do they drink this shit? It is not at all refreshing. Figured we'd ask our Turkish br'ers HeTurnAll or Erol, they might now.

Anyway, there it has sat for a few days, and now I have but water in the place, so I figure I'll put water in some and see how that works. Turns out fucking lovely. I am off to buy more. Two for a pound is a fucking bargain.