Tupac Shakur, The Zion 2012 Olympics And The Rise Of The Holograms

So, following Will-i-Am at the last presidential elections, the latest rapper to appear in hologram form was the long-dead and perma-productive Tupac Shakur, who's Obi One Kanobesque visage joined Snoop Dogg onstage at the Coachella festival this weekend.

"Fans were left stunned by the life-like hologram that appeared on stage, with Tupac telling the crowd: 'What up Coachella?'" reported Metro.


All I can say is that it's interesting timing. After hearing talk of using massive holograms of religious figures being used on battlefields for the past few years, and with the purported "Zion 2012 Olympics Staged Alien Invasion" (which I'll be able to see from my studio windows, popcorn in fist) on the horizon, these are interesting times to have full blown super-realistic holograms strutting around in. They sure have come a long way from when I was a kid in the early nineties, when they adorned action figures like The Visionaries and comics like the legendary X-Factor #92 (now on sale in Mega City Comics for a crazy £1.99!), and the alleged Project Blue Beam leaked documents suggested they were going to be used to stage some fake rapture event to unite nations under a world government at some point in the near future.

Incidentally, do you know where the first admitted use of such a hologram in public was?

The War of The Worlds musical.



Yes, these are interesting times, and I am lucky enough to have my wits about me and the skills to document them in the form of Amazing Pop Songs. I recorded the forst vocal demo for my third album on Saturday night, which was an incredible and powerful moment in history that left me with my hairs standing on end and tears in my eyes.

I have also been working hard on two mixtapes and a pair of collaborative records. One of those is with the boy wonder Issue...

I will be flying out to San Francisco next month to work with the aforementioned Boy Wonder, and anyone else I come across that's awesome. I'll also be flying over to LA to see Wade and work on some LP3 stuff and track down Riff Raff and TKO Capone to make some legendary sonics. So if you're in either area, holla! I wanna do some shows and shoot some videos, so I'll be needing hooks ups with people those areas...

Exciting, and again, Interesting Times are afoot, brothers and sisters.

Ale Jaca Est...