TSF (Thug Slaughter Force) - We Don't Wear Tight Clothes

Wow! Just, wow! These guys hate tight clothes on men so much they made a song AND a video about it!

I think I went to school with a coupla these morons. (Note - the Welsh for "Carrot" is "Moron". True story.) I guess being able to see the shape of Jim Jones' ass made some of these fruits a lil' uncomfortable. What's with that? Or are those skinny trousers just a lil' too hard to take off in a hurry? Dudes! Calm down! It's OK!

And what's with the Sladey K wannabe at the start shouting The Dreaded N Bomb all over the shop? Round my way there's a whole gang of black dudes wearing trousers that fit them that'll jump up and down all over that braid-botoxed head o' yours fella!

Word to Magnum "No Short Shorts" P.I. AKA Pixel. You wait till you see my summer wardrobe homie!

PS - Lil John wants his beat back guys! New York stays losing, huh?