Trunk Music

We've been shooting stuff for ATD25.

Last night we were up till 4 am, and Set Dressing Tim had a set to dress at 6am!

[Not to mention my long suffering better, sweeter and kinder half, up at 6 also, love you baby!]


That's a tiny part of one of the pictures.


The finished thing is going to be beautiful.

(And will go some way to revealing Joey2tits sinister ambition for this *£!$@# record)

We're working with this guy, fellow ex-Brum Andrew Bainbridge. Go look at his stuff and be filled with excitement as to what you can expect.

The first music will appear sometime next week.

And in the immediate present:

A show at a festival, for which Jeres, Joey, Birthday Jim (happy birthday Birthday Jim!) and I have been rehearsing. We have a watertight greatest hits set ready, now I just have to conjure an opening 15 minute mosaic. I have some rehearsal footage, but I don't know if I have time to edit it. I still need to cut you something for Sky...

...but before that, it is Wednesday, and that means it is DONCAST DAY. Let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like playing, or discussing.