So, apologies for the lack off updates. Generally, when I’ve not been on a train, I’ve been onstage, and neither of these ports have unsecured wireless internet connections for me to jump on. But, to let you know, the PWEI shows are going fantastically, thank you. In addition to Birddogg, I have Wataru from Piranha Deathray Trio on bass, along with Jeremy from the same and Natalie Monroe on Donnetes duty.

Big places full of people who don’t necessarily like you at all are cool.

Anyway, I forgot my headphones so I can’t make songs on the train today. And I feel distinctly ungood, as I drank two nights in a row. I am sure you did too. But that is not the point.

So I watched a South Park and I typed a bit, and wrote numbers down because my battery is dying, and Lisa from The Play Centre rang me and said my brother’s paining of the ODB is in Arena. Which is lovely. He is in Prague, apparently that is lovely too.

Ugh, my guts are twisting.