Touch screen voting

I have spent a lovely afternoon in the Apple store in Manhattan, using the internet for free. I have responded to most of my emails now, and read a great deal. The music they play is mainly very bad, and my UK people may find it interesting to note that they played Keane, Coldplay, The Verve and Badly Drawn Boy in a row. Right now we're going through a stage of bratty US punk. Anyway. The greatest threat to our civl liberties right now is the ugly rise of these Touch Screen Voting Bastards. If we don't all make as much noise as possible about them, they will bring about 1984 proper. Bear in mind, we are CLOSE. Continuous war is upon us. When reading that book, I wondered how they could rewrite history (if you have not read it, the main charcater's job is to do just that, go into books, news reports, and "correct" them at the whim of the governent) - with everything going digital, it is as easy as it was for me to go in to my last posting and correct the spelling misstakes. We must never allow the priciple of the iPod to infiltrate everything, because then we really are doomed. There are a lot of articles about this touch screen issue on the internet (ironically they are few and far between in the printed press), read this, then go look for more.

While a solution to this horrifying predicament has yet to be floated anywhere I've seen, it filled me with something approaching relief to read that Michael Moore's Farenheit millions will be going towards this particular cause.

OK, so that's things for you to read. If you are stuck for things to listen to, I highly reccomend the work of young Joanna Newsom, a truly inspired modern folk artist, whose 'The Milk Eyed Mender' is the best record I've heard in many months. She has that knack for gorgeously simplistic melody shared by fellow Big Thinkers and noisy folks Cristy Moore and Sandy Dillon, and acheives, seemingly effortlessly, that magical quality the likes of Tim Burton and, say, Mercury Rev have tried for so long to capture. And she's, like, ten. Fucked up.