Tony Hart, 1925 - 2009

Tony Hart Growing up in Britain in the late eighties, it was always a great treat to visit my Polish grandfather, who lived just off a motorway on the outskirts of Birmingham. Aside from the delightful, smokey ambiance, yellowed picture frames, and his beaming visage bearing down me to repeatedly and joyfully slap my fat little cheeks, I got to watch TV. Things like Button Moon, and Will O' The Wisp, and Telebugs. But my favourite thing to watch was Tony Hart's Hartbeat. Tony Hart was a wonderful,  kindly old man, who managed to do consistently incredible tings with crayons and paint, and who took great pride and pleasure in displaying the works of other children, just like me, who sent pictures and paintings into his show. I would be so inspired by his show I'd spend the rest of the day drawing things. The thing with Tony was, he made it look fun. Fun and, achievable. The message was, if you put love and energy into your work, you'd come up with something dope.

Which was true. I have carried that attitude with me all my life. Thank you Tony Hart - you were an inspiration to all of us lucky enough to catch your broadcasts. Now the universe is your canvas, and matter itself your paint. I can't wait to see what you come up with.