...was quite wonderful. Black Piranhas first gig was wonderful. Why Lout? were wonderful (but come back PIX!).

We were wonderful. Martin, bless him, was speechless for hours after we came off. "How did that happen?" he kept asking.

It was cos of of you lot, that we were shocking. That was so special! To see a Chris de Burgh cover version get such a response from so gangsta a crowd (haha Paul)! Tears in my eye! To see so gangsta a crowd in so posh a venue! To see Jeff! To pour tequila down the throats of the people! To see a drunken Enveh! For the staff to be so nice at us and give us free Coke for our illegal whiskey! To DJ and rap all night! What joy!

I am really glad about all the stuff I've done with noises now, cos it lead to this point, and yet, still, it will lead to something so, so much more awesome. That is ACE.

And then! Tego played the best songs on my harddrive till 2! And found the "make it faster" button! Shocks! You are all so ace, thank you.

It was perfect in every way bar one. But that is not to be helped. The thing I thought was missing, I felt in my belly during the last chorus of Borderline. I was almost sad until then.





Photos ect. on the morrow, I'll bet.