Today's Mathematics

zefblob Aight, time has escaped me, so you're gonna have to wait until next week for the full recap of what went down last Friday at Joe's Pub in New York. I got a lot of footage to edit, narrate, and make look sexy, and I am but one lone Donovan. Rest assured it'll be worth the wait. You won't be getting coverage like this anywhere else. OH LORD!

What have I been doing that's so important? Packaging up all your CDs, T-shirts and Don Shoes, for one. One of these days I'm gonna make enough money to employ some elves. Right now it's just me and my Max B MP3s keeping the electricity meter stacked up. I might have to make my own Max B mixtape for y'all, some of you aren't convinced of his greatness yet. I gotta admit, there is chaff, and there is wheat. But that wavy stuff? Owww!

Speaking of which, where's my Google Wave invite at, huh? I find it hard to believe that there are people who work their Google accounts harder than I do. I was even rocking Chrome all day yesterday, but I had to switch back to Firefox 'cos it was doing weird shit to my audio interface. Rah though, me and Google, we go funkhouser. Which reminds me. Curb came back! Yes! And it is STILL INCREDIBLY AWESOME! We got the first episode streaming right here. Number two coming up.

In other good news, the FAC accepted my resignation. My email has been bubbling with people saying I have jumped the gun on this one. Oh yeah? You know back in May Billy Bragg was calling this three-strikes-and-we-fuck-your- internet-up thing David "Dave" Geffen and Peter "Mandrakk The Dark Monitor" Mandleson cooked up, that him and the FAC are now wholeheartedly endorsing "shamefull"? Is he getting paid off or something now? Where's my gif?


Ah. There he is.