What a nightmare Blackberrys are! No one should be able to drunkishly post emotional nonsense to the world at 4am! It is unhealthy! Antisocial even! Really, one should press delete, but that's a bit 1984 for me. I'm a Take Me As I Is kindofa dude. And today I is a mess of clashing colours, zipping through England in a metal box through the rain and the sunshine en route to Sheffield, to play The Plug. I just had to make Dan switch Edith Bowman off, she was attepting to ruin my excellent mood with an almost fascinating innanity. Forsooth!

Anyway, we shall chat later, and the meantime, I present to you the acest letter I got yesterday. Forsooth!

Yo Akira,Just Wanted to say, If you could ever make it up to australia for a fewtours, im up for following the band round (Even on foot) to come to seeeveryone, Anyway, The main point of me writing is thisis a thanks and a little history, Well I got Married Recently (illegallyhush hush) to my girl and well, at the wedding we played Oh! what a gloriousthing which is always good, also some of your more Hard core stuff getsher....I get laid heh, So thanks for that. Next of all is your song "Thanks for all the AIDS" made me and a few of my mates donate some cash towardsAIDs Research and FinallyThe Song "The Drinking Song" made me stop abusing alcahol so much (that anda scolding from my wife Alexandra), so thank you for that as well. Anyway Uphere i'd love to see you live in concert and well, that all i have to sayreally, Thank you for your music and thank you for being a celebrity thatisn't...well...An Ego with an Orbit, also me and my mate "Church" are bigfans and could well do whatever  we can to help out your army down here Signed,Tim, The 15 year old Invader