EDIT 6: (04:20am):  Made two more songs - one via one of your suggestions, another for The King. Will not rush, take time to perfect glorious masterpiece. Will unveil Superhero Music during the Doncast at 5pm GMT

EDIT 5:  (21:50) Just rebooted for the umpteenth time. Songs are mixed. Choruses re-writ. Form is tangible. Danananananana.

EDIT 4:  (15:32) Four more ticks on the whiteboard, one more impromptu song, remix, re-vocal one song, make minor changes to all songs mainly in area of explosive percussion, AWESOME SCRATCH SOLO, times two, now, glue, got lots, missing magic ingredient.  To the crates!

EDIT 3: Still going! Yes I fell asleep! I was exhausted! Rah though! Ish is sounding fly! FLY! Rah though,  have emails 3 days old I haven't even seen yet, that's how deep in this I am. PYEEEEWM.

EDIT 2:  Software etc and my insistence on providing quality music with quality sound effects modelling means I stil have a little way to go before nailing this thing. But,  as you can see from the picture, we's close...

Right, back to work!

Hold tight! EDIT: Am experiencing lots of crashes and Microsoft Visual C ++ runtime errors, whatever they are. Always around this time I am thinking, argh! Why do I set myself these harsh deadlines? Why do I insist on making life difficult for myself? If only I had more time I could do so much more! ETC!

But never mind that. Superhero Music drops at 23:59, GMT.

A new song went out to preorderers last night. Expect more today.

In the meanwhile, there is still room, and so far, this tape has been shockingly LIGHT on samples! SO! Suggest me your Superhero Music samples via Twitter and hashtag #superheromusic, or the comments. I will pick one at random to win a T shirt. GO!