This Thursday we Celebrate 20 Years of Manga Entertainment With a Party And A....

Hi gang! Well, I still have a few important event blogs to write (the last day of the tour, the party, LA Noire), and I aim to get those done this week.... but the first half of the week has suddenly been taken over by a Great and Mighty Task.... one I have been hinting at furiously on my Facebook page this weekend. One you should all have been able to guess straight away. One which I feel I have been working towards unconsciously since I was 10 years old...

As some of you know, this coming Thursday I have been honored with an invite to play at Manga Entertainment's 20th anniversary party in London. Yes, it is 20 whole years since they released Akira in this country, changing many lives forever, mine, pretty obviously, included. I remember seeing that first advert in the back of Vox Magazine as if it was, um, twenty years ago. I cut it out and stick it on my wall. Already an American comics obsessive, I hunted down the manga. I  pored over it in my room, marveling at goliath scale of the thing, the expressive linework, the use of tones. Soon enough, I tracked down a VHS of the movie itself. I watched it twice in a row. It was incredible.

And now, 20 years later, little Adam is Akira The Don, and not only has he been asked to play the Manga Entertainment launch party, he's been asked to make them a mixtape.

Short notice, yes.

Less time than one would think, as it is to be pressed on CD in time for the party and mastered also, yes.

A challenge, yes.

A challenge worth undertaking? Hell yes!

As is the righteous path with these undertakings, I welcome your input. If you have any favorite bits of music or dialogue from anime released by Manga Entertainment you think I should include in some fashion, let me know in the comments. What are your favourite Manga Entertainment releases anyway? For the record, aside from Akira, mine are Battle Angel Alita and Ninja Scroll. Although the first season of Guyver was incredible. As was Fist of The North star. And Golgo 13. Crap! So much awesome!

Anyway, so, yeah, like I said, that will be occupying me for the first half of the week. That and wedding planning. Les than five weeks to go! Argh! We finally got the invites done last night, and started work on a wedding list. I had totally forgotten one has to do a wedding list. People demand it. So we spent a good two hours last night setting on up on Amazon. I wanted to put comics on, obviously, but Charlotte said that wasn't allowed. "It has to be stuff for us," she reasoned. "For the future! For the family!" A cabbage pot later and Charlotte was insisting on a sewing machine, "so I can make clothes for the children!"

It was then that my new reason for doing everything dawned on me. "We must have Batman And Robin: Batman Must Die in hardback," I exclaimed, righteously. "FOR THE CHILDREN!"

Fifteen minutes later we were both screaming with glee at the 80s DVD boxset section. "Bananaman! FOR THE CHILDREN! Complete Transformers Boxset! FOR THE CHILDREN! Duckula! FOR THE CHILDREN!"

And so on. It is important that our children know their heritage. Although the interners isn't making it easy enough, cotdurnit. Stupid Amazon doesn't even have Enchanted Forrest (a legendary and awesome board game)! Although it does do six packs of Nandos peri peri Garlic sauce. Yum.

Oh yeah, before I go, I did promise Karl on Facebook that I'd reveal the Life Equation T Shirt Design. As I have mentioned (although you might have missed it, and who could blame you if you had), when I got back off tour and took rceipt of the Life Equation CDs, the booklet was borked. I have since made a new booklet with a collage in the middle that features, amongst other things, over fifty of YOUR lovely faces. That is in production right now, and should be done by the end of the week, along with the mighty Life Equation T shirt, that looks a lil' something this:


Preorder yours here if you haven't already! all preorders come with BONUS GIFTS!

Rah though. I better stop typing and get on with this mixtape. Remember to let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments! PAX!