This is what AK and Son Of King Rebel Think of The New Robbie Williams LP

Oh boy, the new Robbie Williams MASTERPIECE! If I get time later, I shall do a track by track. But that, up there, is what me and Jeres think.

(Actually, that was recorded as a greeting to the New York dwelling PPF, but still, it is also our reaction to the Robbie LP. Which is awesome.)

John Doran thins that Robbie Wlliams' LP is ass. Actualy, he thinks it's worse than ass. He HATES Robbie!

"He," says John, "is a cunt; and it permeates every poisonous pore of this cancerous fly blown cyst of a CD."

Jeres tells me that John Doran thinks I hate him. Not true! I like him actually! But dude is WRONG! about Fat Bob Billiams! Fat Bob Billiams is ace!

And he is a much better rapper than that dude out of Task Force.

Hey, does anyone know how to make things seed in Bittorrent? My files, once downloaded, all say "seeding", but "0% uploading". THAT SUCKS! I wanna share.

Hey, check out my old pals the Towers Of London getting into bother in a small English town. Eek!