This I Don't Own A TV Fan Made Video Got The JUICE! Look at that, viewer! Someone's made a video for I Don't Own a TV, act iv on The Life Equation from my second album, The Life Equation! And it came with a letter!

Hey Akira,

I've been a big fan of your music for a while, and "I don't own a TV" is one of my favourite tracks. I was listening to it yesterday and thought it would be cool if someone made a video to it juxtaposing the lyrics from it with the TV shows it's lambasting. Then it occurred to me: my Macbook has editing software, I could totally be that someone! I've never done any editing before, and it took me about 6 hours to do including learning iMovie and sourcing all the footage. I realised while making the video that I'm not as big a proponent of the songs message as I could be, as most of the clips come from TV shows I'm a fan of. Anyway, here's hoping people get a chance to enjoy it before it gets too many takedown requests!

(If you credit me, could you say my full name and link to my twitter page or YouTube channel. By day i'm a 25 year old video games programmer and I live in Cambridge. Thanks again!)

Daniel Ratcliffe

So there you go. Everybody! A round of applause for DANIEL RATCLIFFE, 25 year old vidoe games programmer from CAmbridge, and first time music video creator! Amazing!

Perfect timing, impeccable choice of clips, excellent choice of song.

For the record, I haven't had a television in my house since 2003, but I have enjoyed many television shows over the years. Right now me and the wife are downloading the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and making our way through season one of the original Thundercats on DVD (a fine wedding present indeed).

It is the beast itself I object to the most, the beast that dominates the living room, or the pub, or wherever else it resides, dictating the mood and the conversation and flashing up images of things businesses want you to think, or feel, or buy. I was reminded of its horror for the first time in a while the other day, when I put some streaming Sky News on just to see how it differed to the BBC on its London Riots (c.) coverage. Aside from the obvious hard right agenda and explicitly and the shamlessly pro-The Sun warblings of the moron meatlumps pretending to have a debate, I was most horrified by the frequency, volume, and entirely fucking anti-human barrage of adverts that a viewer of television is subject to. I had it on for about three quarter of an hour and it made me feel physically nauseous, and unclean, to the point where I had to have a shower and play Mr Motherfucking Esquire quite loud until I felt normal again.

Anyway. High five to you mister Ratcliffe. That was an excellent job.

Meanwhile back in Don Studios, I am about ready to collapse. I started a Home Made Juice-Only Three Day Detox programme today. I have never done any kind of detox before in my life, and I haven't done any fasting since I was a preteen involved in Catholicism, so this is hitting me hard. I feel very weak, and keep hallucinating beetroot colours around my peripheral vision. The only reason I am even doing the bloody thing is that Tego bought us a military standard juicer as a wedding present, which we cracked on on the weekend to make some delicious orange juice, and it had a book of juice recipes in it. The book has this three day juice detox plan in it, which happened to be the page the book flopped open on when I picked it up, so I thought, 'fuck it, that might be an interesting thing to do', and now here I am at the end of day one hallucinating purple.

Everything can change in an instant, POW, just like that. Peep the science: