Things To Do On Honeymoon In Santorini: Befriend A Donkey We were sunset chasing on one of our last days of our honeymoon when I found the Donkey. He was tied to  a post on a rocky patch of ground in the corner of a field beneath a great pink sunset on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. I couldn't think of many places I'd rather be tied to a post, but the fact remained - he was tied to a post.

I loved that Donkey from the moment I set eyes on him. I wanted to set him free. I wanted to wave a magic wand and give him wings so he could fly away from that post and frolic in the vast pink Santorini sunset. I wonder how he is.

When I think of that Donkey, I hear Erasure's Always playing in my head. In another world, that Donkey is a Unicorn.