Thieving T

I am poorly today. My head is full of hurt and my belly is aswoosh. I had to go back to bed at lunchtime, I couldn't stand up. Lame! But I am listening to Al Stewart's song about a Year of a Cat, and I like that.

I have been reading Grant Morrisson's 7 Soldiers Of Fortune, thanks to Colin who sent it to me. It is very good. Reminds me of that creepy 80s movie about King Arthur and Merlin and all that. I loved that stuff when I was a kid. I found the whole Arthuruian stuff super scary and exciting. All that thinly veiled sex and murder I suppose. People used to say Arthur was buried in a cave in the side of this mountain we used to drive past on our way from North Wales to see our auntie and uncle in the Midlands. Buried in a cave like Jesus. Maybe he was Jesus.

I am very happy with the rate of preorders for Thieving we're getting in. It's looking like we might be able to press the thing early, so all you' who've ordered at this timely juncture will get yours (and your drawings) sent out as soon as they come in. We're also looking to do a launch party, I'll keep you updated.

Oh, and that up there is the T Shirt you can order with the CD for a combined discount total of £16 (sixteen). I think it looks very fetching, and as you can see, 50 Cent agrees.

My clever little brother Zef did the record design by the way. Isn't he great?

Happy Birthday Jeres! A day late, but still. And happy birthday Keith! Very late, but never mind that.