Thieving: Out NOW on MP£, CD and T Shirt!

OK! Don Studios IV is set up, the internet is working, and THIEVING IS OUT NOW ON CD, MP3 and T Shirt!

Preorderers will (mostly, stupid Canadian post) know this already. They all agree it is great! How great? Just listen to this song called GIRO!

Ace huh? Yes indeed. Zef and I are making a video for that. ANYWAY! Thieving has 21 songs on it, and they're all GRAYTE. Either brand new, or new versions of older songs, the tracklisting goes a little suttink like this:

1. Thieving 2. Click Clack Blam ft. Pixel 3. Thanks For All The AIDS ft. The Women 4. BOOM! (Remix) ft. Lethal Bizzle & Narstie 5. Werewolves! 6. Back In The Day (Remix) ft. Jack Nimble, Narstie, Marvin & Shizzio 7. The Music Of The Spheres ft. Mary Turner 8. Can't Go To Sleep 9. Dear Baby (Cut You In The Face) 10. Oobie Doo ft. Mary Turner & Marvin 11. Unlearning 12. Jesus! 13. Gitmo ft. Narstie 14. Giro 15. Riot Going On ft Dego Brown 16. Now Then 17. Tomorrow ft Madison 18. The Tree 19. Oh! (What A Glorious Thing) ft Bashy 20. To The Tongue Tied ft Mary Turner 21. Y R U So Layzee Laffs! Sobs! Special guest stars aplenty! Yes indeed. You can get it on luxury 4 page booklet full colour doolah CD for £5 plus postage, or on CD Quality 320kbps MP3 for £4.75, no postage.

MP3 bundle comes with printable artwork and a bonus track called MOVING! Whoo!

You can a T shirt for £15 plus postage. OR a CD and a T shirt for £17 plus postage (wow, DISCOUNT!) or an MP3 and T shirt for £16.50 plus postage (EVEN MORE WOW DISCOUNT!)

We take all major credit and debit cards, via Paypal which does not require a Paypal account and we ship WORLDWIDE! (Even Canada, although their postal system is a little slow)


CD - £5

MP3 - £4.75

CD & T - £17 - Comes In Mens and Womens Sizes


MP3 & T - £16.50 - Comes In Mens and Womens Sizes


Just A T - £15 - Comes In Mens and Womens Sizes