Thieving OUT!

This is actually a different entry you know. One picture was taken in Clapton. Another in Hackney Wick. WHOOOOOOOO!

Phew dot com. I have moved house, and I have sent you all your CDs (apart from one guy who'se instruction I am waiting on, that's YOU Mister Bradshaw!).

I will have you know I sent all the CDs myself, and I wrote all the labels, and carried them on my back in a fuck off huge rucksack on my bicycle to Stratford, which is my new local Town With A Post Office And A Net Cafe (cos my internet isn't working yet, I hate this bit) and nearly got run over twice by lorries. Shit!

Anyway. I ran out of stickers, but pretty much all of you will have some kind of extra present. Lyrics sheets, old drawings, that sort of thing. I am nice. That's how I do. And to those that expressed interest, those stickers were from a test pack I got made, and they look ace, so I'm gonna get some more in for you. Superblobs and logos I think, hit me with any suggestions for what you'd like stickers of. I am sad cos I gave away my "I love Chris de Burgh" sticker. What was I thinking?