There Is A Crack In Everything

That, dearest, is how the light gets in. But you knew that. And you probably knew that I'm playing my first UK Show tonight, and that it is but my second in the world, but maybe you didn't. So I will tell you again:

I play my first UK Show tonight!

Yes. With my Donnettes and the fabulous Birddogg. It is at the Islington Accademy, by Angel Tube, and we will be on at about half nine.

I am very much looking forward to it. We have had rehearsals, and they have been very fun and productive. Maybe there will be dances, hopefully perhaps.

I am rather obsessed with Leonard Cohen at the moment. I think 'The Future' might be the greatest apocalyptical song ever writ. One day, in the dim, distant future, I hope to be half as succinct as old Leonnard. Luke has his new album, and it made him cry. I is the sound of dying, he says.

I met Leonard's lawyer, actually. He says he is not a very strict monk at all, and loves his evil Western luxuries very much.

It is customary to point you in the direction of something to read. I have read very little today, but I read this, and it was very good. It also summed up my feelings about The Towers Of London rather well, so there you go.

Anyway, I drank a little tequila last night, but I feel good today. I have a bed, and a huge bear guards the kitchen, where I have a neat little stack of noodles, 8 pence a pack from Tesco, some bread, and some peanut butter. My socks spin round and round in the big metal washing box, making a noise as hellish as any I have heard elsewhere. I have a computer set up. I have a four hour Leonard Cohen playlist. Yes, things seem distinctly rosy.