The Zombie Holocaust Continues! In Photos! CAPTION CONTEST!

CAPTION CONTEST! CAPTION CONTEST! CAPTION! CONTEST! Leave your caption contest entries in the comments. CAPTION CONTEST!


Cotdang! I am beated! Saturday and Sunday were two long ass, big ass days of Zombie Movie Filming. We stepped it up another gear this time, with the introduction of a First and an Awesome Catering Dude to the mix, amongst many other really useful things. There were some teething troubles on Saturday, but by Sunday we were flying without wings. SWOOSH! Shout out to our Directing Michael's girl, Ms Samantha, for letting us swarm all over their yard drenched in blood, Directing Michael's Mum for letting us get our make up did in her yard, and Directing Michael's Dad for letting us Tim turn his garage into AN AWESOME LAB!  One more day to go! This is gonna be a classic!

Enjoy all these great photos, taken by James Harrison's Camera.