The Wisdom of Crowds


Look down there on the left. I am playing a gig. It is a nice wee gig in a pub in Cambridge supporting The Indelicates on April 7th. The promoter hit me up the day after I announced to the world I liked them via my podcast. I thought, shit, why not? I haven't played for a while. I have all these new songs I need to try out.

Another guy hit me up about doing a show in Leeds, around then. People have been asking me to play Leeds for ages. PLAY LEEDS BUMHOLE, they say. So I will. And I figure it might be a good idea to do a bunch of gigs around then - between the 4th and the 14th of April, maybe.

So! If you'd like me to come to your town, have a word with the local club, pub, disco, studentunion, whatever, and get them to holla at me. I am easy to find. I am right here, all the time.

So! Video. Damn, a lot of you wanna be in the Giro video!

Good for youse. How handsome and pretty you are! You're gonna look great after Zef has chopped you up and stuck you behind Akon or whoever. Heh.

OK. so. My beloved Technics DZ 1200 broke. I don't know how. Nothing fell on it. No one hit it with a brick. I just woke up one day, switched it on, and it didn't work. The platter span, and the digital display shone blue, and empty of readout. My Bright Eyes CD stayed stuck inside. And that's it. I have searched the internets, I have asked on messageboards, but no avail. Any of you clever boffins have a clue what the problem might be?

So. Linkage (soon, he promises, Zef's gonna hook up a mini-blog on the right hand side so I can post crap like this without disrupting the flow of the main site. Then we can get back to thoughtful, insightful political commentary and shit. Whoo!).

That Biggie doll is ill, no? And only $30! Its my birthday soon you know! Bol on paying for sex: ROFLCOPTER this dude hates ladies! The comments are even more ridonculously gut busting.

That Celemony thing looks sick.

26 million have watched this amateur footage of a bunch of animals going to war over a baby animal, but I hadn't till yesterday. Shit is bananas!

Them crazy Yankees are looking into putting Venezuela on their list of Terrorist States, since their attempted coup didn't work out as planned. Wastemen!