The wheel spins UP!

So, 79,884 people have watched the Drinking Song video on Newgrounds. Already we are thinking about the Next. Me and Zef figure we might start doing them every month or something, for the mixtapes and that. Anyway. I have had an excellent weekend, in the fine company of safe clarts from all over the world and my history. Super Furries were awesome on Friday - I went with my safe Welsh peoples, and there were monks and everything, and we drank lots of red wine.

And afterwards, I made my first live appearance at the Monarch in Camden, which is also called the Barfly, for for reasons too boring to go into here. Me and Wade, and a number of or extended fam are doing DJMC appearances as Stunners International, and this was one of them. Basically we play records we like, and I rap over them where I deem appropriate. Which worked like black magic on Friday, and the place went off like coppers' handguns. We bust it atop and amidst a swirling sea of spastic swine, rutting and frothing and rabid. Someone put something in the beer, I swear. It was like being in a Nelly video.

So: there will be a lot more of that. The Donsquad will be mashing your face soon. This Wednesday, for example, I shall be doing a GIG, and it will be wonderful, I am quite certain.