The Weekend Off

Back on tour we go tomorrow. This will be an odd week. As far as I can tell, we will be driving to the gigs in the day, then driving back in the night. I'm going to download the new Jarvis album then. And pack a book. I need to learn some things.

Jeres, bless him, has written a highly amusing and his-truthfull account of our adventures over the last week. Sample quote:

"Akira rolls in at six in the morning singing and falling over. I fear we may not be able to get him out before check out time. I am indeed correct. I leave the hotel to get some air. Apparently while I'm gone Adam in a bleary-eyed sleep tells the receptionist to fuck off when she phones him to ask him to leave. They try and force us to pay a fiver at reception for being rude, a new law implemented by John Reid I fear. We don't pay and walk off with all our bags down the hill, though Dan is meant to be meeting us outside the hotel at 12. We skulk back, and Akira sends Dan in to pay the fiver so he can look for Akira's bankcard that he thinks he might have left in the hotel room. Rather annoyingly just before we get back to the hotel I spot two traffic wardens surrounding a car that I think is ours, and for some reason I think these traffic wardens are police come to arrest us for the errant fiver incident, so quick as a flash I pull my drugs from my right sock and dump them in a wheelie bin. What a paranoid goober."

Read the whole thing here, you can.