The Week In Pictures


Akira The Don & Son Of King Rebel rock the Rock Gardens!

Well. We drove to the other side of the country to find the venue in dispute with the promoters and the gig cancelled. Still, we got to see what Weston Super-Mare looks like. And eat some chips. Whoo!


Worked on some conceptual music to an advertising brief with BJ via ftps. Spent the rest of the day recording piano, brass and guitar parts for Son Of King Rebel's EP. Very satisfying, although recording the trumpet gave me a migraine. At 2 am the electric ran out so we went to bed in the dark.


Woke up at half six to record James Chitty Harrison's guitar parts for the conceptual ad music. Worked on another song about not being broke forever till Martin and Mary turned up in the late morning. Martin made us a hearty breakfast, and Mary showed me video footage of the tiny Martin spawn rolling around in her belly.  At this juncture I shall let Martin tell the story:

Marylou and I spent thursday morning at Akira’s house singing and playing guitar on this big song he has called ‘The Answer to the Anti-life Equation’ a composition that veers from melancholic introspection to big beat hip hop and a strange bit that I haven’t got me head round yet. Sounds like something off ‘OK Computer’ which is not what you’d expect from Adam which is always what you can expect from Adam. Jeres came round to work on his Son of King Rebel album and we sang harmonies on ‘I Don’t Love Jesus No More’ which has an ace chorus, I can’t wait to hear the finished thing. Adam works hard, I think he had three or four sessions going on that day. Respect. I made everyone breakfast and Adam poured scalding coffee all over his hand and cooker. Sweet.

I am a liability in the kitchen, it has to be said. Anyway, we receorded Jeres' vocals for I Don't Love Jesus No More and Dustin Hoffman, which was a lot easier than I expected. Jeres' voice has matured and grown rich and raspy since he quit booze and went batshit on the ciggs. The songs sound brilliant.

The boy wonder Narstie showed up with Nathan and Legend at about 7, and we cranked out another three songs for his album, which is sounding so, so mega.


Wrote a new song for ATD16. Four minutes of straight rap. Drew some cartoons. Did another four joints with Narst in the evening. Read The Boys. Collapsed.


Wrote another song for ATD16. This one was pretty deep. Glacial horror stuff. Littles came by for a zoot and a catch up after the fuckery that was Nappa, and its rotten aftermath. Littles has some shit to deal with, but he's coping admirably. Dude has a kid on the way and everything. Anyway, we ended up doing a song, which is very moving and will be on ATD16 as well.