The Waistband Of Kecks

Rah, those terrapins I mentioned earlier (Yeah, terrapins Gareth from Cardiff, they were TERRAPINS not TURTLES) - they're Red-eared terrapins. "Red-eared terrapins like to bask in the sun and moorhen or coot nests by the water are ideal basking platforms," says "Unfortunately though, turtles clambering onto nests can partially submerge these fragile nests, killing the eggs and chicks." Dark! Maybe that's why the ducks were fucking with them. It's war down pond!

Haha, I was just on the radio, and so was Charlotte cos she rang me up in the middle of being interviewed. I wish I'd let her speak, you could actually hear her on air, as opposed to the weird FBI van in which we did the thing, in which I could hear only Adam's Walton's lovely radio voice, and I bet she'd have been funnier than me. HAHAHAHA!

Today, I learned that a flaneur is "a botanist of the sidewalk". I am one of those sometimes! One of my fondest memories is of staying up all night in Redditch with Natalie (from my arm)'s friend Kelly back in '96 and going to the Kingfisher Shopping Centre at 6am and sitting on a bench flaneouring till 1pm. We saw it all - the cleaners coming in to work, the shop assistants, the shoppers, and we dissected each and every one of them. After that I think we went to the pub. I guess that wasn't as good I don't remember it.

Oh, what! Looks like the set we recorded for Radio Wales the other day has been edited. It will be one song light tonight, due to said song's potential for causing major "offense".

"I can't remember anything I've ever recorded or broadcast in 13 years having to be edited / censored / fucked about with," writes Dr Walton. "Another first for Akira the Don!"

Rah, my bacon and egg pie was LUSH!