"fuck me ," writes Mothboy. "what a time for UK hiphop .. a lot of shit out there at the moment but today turned on the local pirate in this area , heard the new Jehst (return of the sundragon) .. some new almost digi-dark track by Sway and Clones .. fucking awesome , 3 different styles , 3 differentbeats and all fuck off as hell. fucking banging."

Which is true! These are excllent times for the raps in the UK. All I listen to these days is Bruza and Bearman and Bashy. The three Bs. It is a glorious thing.

"Akira me and my friends really want u to come to west coast USA because we want to go to one of your shows badly but we cant go to london O_O," writes Kain. Lots of you Other Side Of The Worlders are expressing similar sentiments (disproportionately in Toronto, Pennsylvania, and of, course, Baltimore). Anyway. We shall be coming to see you in the Spring, I believe. With lots of T bShirts for you to buy. Hurrah for T Shirts!

"Just found this blokes name on something at work," writes Gwilym. "Antoine William Wanklyn Roques. Can anyone beat that?"

"Mr. Cock from Fingringhoe," wrote Alisdair. I wonder if he made that up.

Woo hoo! CHavez looks set to stay in power till 2030. Hurrah for him. Let the free books and the cheap oil for the poor and the wealth redistribution contine apace. I might move there actually.

But right now, I must go out and buy me some robes. We are supporting Jimbob at Islington Academy tonight. You coming? You best be. We have special treats in store...

Oh, I forgot. I had the sadest, meanest, rottonest dream last night, which BJ noted was in fact exactly like my life right now, and proves I have no imagination. This is a worry. I wonder how to resove this thing. Also, I watched season 4 of Futurama recently, and cried all the way through. Especially at the end. This might mean I am an even more pathetic failed romantic than I had envisaged. I might take up boxing.