The Tour The Tour, Day Two: Oxford

I'm blogging from a Starbucks right now. That was me doing admin in bed at 9am in the Oxford Travelodge. "Living in the future," I thought, as I resised Damien's pictures in Photoshop.

Yesterday was a great day. I got presents! Adam brought me some brownies for my birthday (which is on Monday). He made them himself! It didn't even occur to me until I got back to the Travelodge and Jack pointed it out that there might be something other than chocolate in the brownies, but I don't think there was. The were bloody nice.

Damien and David killed it on the merch. They were incredible forces of stuff-selling nature. This guy got his amazing T-shirt made more amazing with a Blob Blob season 2 badge.

Half of this crew of Gs is coming tomorrow too. We didn't get to play all the songs they wanted to hear, so we're gonna do that tonight, because it is the RIGHTEOUS PATH.

Damien's dog hat is pretty much a cosmic weapon. I think wer're looking at the effects of its lazer beam devastation, beatifically.

Jack seems to be having a wonderful time. LOOK AT THAT WINNING SMILE! He isn't wearing it now, but that's because some kid gave him the spliff of #PAIN after the show and now his eyes have melted.

The gig was on some hardcore. I achieved flight about half way through.

I also grew an amazing CLAW HAND when MC Lars came onstage to do Living In The Future with us.

Yes, we were mighty. MIGHTY!

So mighty, in fact, that we swapped T shirts at the end, like footballers.

Then we played records and freestyled round the corner at the afterparty until 3 am like Gs. I played loads of Nate Dogg, INCLUDING AINT NO FUN which bought all the ladies to the dance floor. Lars spat over Weerd Science instrumentals and I joined him to swap off-the-dome painage like Pig Pun and Fat Joe in the nineties.

I didn't get any sleep, but it wasn't because I was doing anything fun or glamorous. I'll tell you about it at some point soon, but perhaps a comic strip might be the most appropriate avenue for it.

Now it's day three, and we're off to Swindon.