The Tour The Tour, Day Three: sWinDon

Day four of The Tour The Tour just began. Jack and I woke up, alone - well, alone together, anyway, him in the double, me on the red Travelodge sofa, Damian and David back in London, to which they had to return yesterday to feed the cats, and change clothes. They only packed for a day.

We have The Telly on. This is indeed, as Jack noted, something of a luxury for me, to wake up on a Saturday morning and out the telly on, what with me not having a telly and all. We watched a bit of Russia Today, which had a pretty good programme about Wikileaks on last night, and now we're watching The Gadget Show. Jack loves  The Gadget Show. He's especially excited about The Gadget Show competition. It's crazy. Look at all these prizes! Camera! DS! Flip! Laptop! Ipd! M=Phone! Telly! Album! Sky! iPhone! iTunes! Camcorder! Webcam! Blueray! Surround System! Apple TV! Wii! Wii fit! PSP! Xbox! Games! Macbook! Headphones! Spekers! Dyson! Toothbrush! Shoes! Razor! Suitcase! Boots! Flask! Netbook! Harddrive! Printer! Broadband for a year! Radio! Headpones! Torch! Kinnect! Mindflez! A car! Supersoaker! Waterpistols! Bikes! Juicer! Vacuum! Interactive tiger! £24,000 worth of awesome crap that will be outdated in about 18 months!

Yes. Anyway, we are feeling pretty good this morning, after a night off the booze (I accepted but two drinks from generous new friends), a good night's sleep and a relatively early night (one am). I didn't shirk on my responsibilities as an entertainer - I climbed, I clambered, I ran and I raged, and I totally forgot to pace myself again, and it was a wonderful time. We made some poor dude called Adam (psyche!) come onstage and do Oh! What A Glorious Thing with us. He was evidently rather nervous, but he did an excellent job and remembered the chorus. We went over again, shout out my awesome banter, and didn't get to do our last song, which was going to be Living In The Future with Lars as special guest, so I guess we will have to do that tonight, in WimbleDON. YES!

Anyway. Big up sWinDon, you were indeed, as I suspected you might be, bursting with Win and Donliness, and as Jack noted, the S is blatantly for Swag. We made lods of new friends, and we performed in a big Tarantinian cage. Here's Lars and Science doing their swagged out thing in it:


Right, we're off to get the train to Wimbledon now. for day 4 od The Tour The Tour IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING! We have RAP SUPER FRIENDS in the building. ARE YOU COMING OR WHAT?!

Oh yeah, finally, someone was asking me who the hell's in Thin Lizzy these days (I think it might have been Ali). Well, know we know: