The Tour The Tour Day Seven: Cardiff Pleasures, There Are Some

Day Seven of The Tour The Tour got off to a cracking start when, after changing trains at Bristol en route from Exeter to Cardiff, we realised that Jack's mixer was still on the train, in my Motu Music Bag, along with all our leads and my Lars Attacks T-Shirt.

Frantic phonecalls revealed it to be on its way to Manchester.

"Can I not leave you guys for 1 day alone?!" asked Drift Race Car Driver Damien on facebook. ":'(FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

Which was a good point. But really, dear reader, you try lugging a load of equipement from city to city on a daily basis and keep track of it all. Shit is hard. It's not like figgas are on holiday out here. Not only are we tourmanaging ourselves, not only are we entertaining the masses at the hardest point of the evening (when nobody's drunk yet) on a daily basis, not only are we selling out own merch, setting up our own merch stand, and so on and so on, but I for one am still having to do all the stuff I'd normally be doing if I was back in Don Studios! I've got an album out this week! I've got videos to sort! An inbox to bomb! I've got employee's asses to kick! It's intense out here!

Oh, but it's fun, dear reader. So much fun. We're like a family out here right now. These dudes are my brothers. They're all invited to my wedding.

Naturally, it was raining when we got to Cardiff. It's been sunny for the whole tour pretty much, but it would have been weird to get out of Wales dry, and I don't need anymore weird right now, so I am thankful. I have never played Clwb Ifor back before, weirdly enough, despite having done about a dozen gigs in Cardiff, and the place was very clean and had no stage, which lead to me clambering ontop of tables during my set. As if I need an excuse. Jack was trapped behind some bulletproof glass, or what looked like bulletproof glass, as he was at the mercy of the in house decks thanks to our unhappy train misshap, but he held that shit the fuck down like a G.

We saw Martin and Mary before we went onstage. And their little boy Sonny. And their little girl Cher. Cher is still in mummy's tummy, but she won't be for long. Jack and I noted later on how much we love those two, and how rarely we see them, and how great it always is. Sadly, they couldn't stay for the gig, as they had tickets for Mike And The Mechanics round the corner. At least they weren't watching the doomed Cardiff game, like so many people who hit me up to apologise and weep about how they wished they'd been to the gig instead of watching that miserable performance. Serves them right I say. What did they expect? At least you know you're guaranteed an awesome night if you come out to The Tour The Tour.

Me, I climbed tables like I told you already, and walked through the audience high-fiving everybody and it was flipping ACE, and then I spent the rest of the night dancing behind the merch stand, where I beat David and Damian's record on Saturday. WE ARE IN THE BLACK! (That does mean credit, right?) Which is amazing for an opening act on such a tour. So thank you to everybody that's been hanging out with me after shows taking photos and doing fist bumps and buying T-shirts and CDs and stuff, you are keeping this dream alive and I love you forever.

Speaking of which, we have a brand new shirt, screen printed lovingly by a Real Welshman and dropped off in Cardiff, and they look like this:

Le swag! Cheers Carla for the picture.

So, yeah, awesome night. Possibly Lars and Science's best performance yet as well. The sound was great. I went crazy up at the merch stand, and i went crazy when they bought me on to to do Falling Apart. "AAAAARGGGGGGGH!" I screamed at the end.

The other amazing thing about the Cardiff Day, was it was the day that Weerd Science's album came out. Have you listened to that shit yet? One of the albums of the year. That dude's flow is on some fucking post-Pun shit, it is so flipping choice. I congratulated dude onstage and he looked all bashful, but he knows he's the shit really.

And to cap off a great day, Jack's gigantium brothers (and their buddy Marco) showed up right at the end and scared the crap out of the Americans, all jolly with tales of Cardiff Pleasures, of which There most certainly Are Some. Shout out my ole mate Baz Boobytrap, who wrote a song with that as a title, and who missed the gig cos he as watching some crappy footaball game. HA! What did you learn?

Anyway, right now I am sat in a Starbucks writing this and getting emotionally psyched for tonight's show in Leicester. My inbox is terrorful but I am making headway. We just set up a Facebook page for the LIFE EQUATION LAUNCH PARTY that's happening in London On June 2nd. Me! Stephen Hague! Eddy Temple-Morris! Envy! Marvin The Martian! Big Narstie! littles! Pixel! DJ Jack Nimble! The Indelicates! AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! We're gonna be filming the whole thing and making a movie with it. It's gonna be legendary. The FB is here, and you can get your tickets here. BE WISE AND DO THAT THING NOW!

Oh, and look what else I found in my inbox!

Hey man,

I really enjoyed your gig in Cardiff a couple of days back. I was half way through writing a beat and I came across this acapella on your website, so I thought I'd run with it. Let me know what you think of it man, and make sure you get back to Cardiff soon!

Stay chill.


Check that out below. Thank you Alex, that shit is dope. AND it's reminded me that I need to release the acapellas for, well, everything I've released this year. I'll do that when I get home.


Akira The Don - Be Brave (Scuzzy89 's Oldskool Remix) by Big Narstie