The Tour The Tour, Day Four: WimbleDON


What a GIG.

I mean, I knew it was gonna be awesome.

But that was some next level shit.

I'd spent an hour in my pink towel dressing gown, and I felt good. That good feeling was everywhere. We all felt good.

And we played great.

That was the Four Headed Tour Monster on Saturday, and we were at the peak of our powers.

Marvin and Pixel joined us for a 700MPH run through Boom. I got some ill footage of it. I had my laptop onstage hooked up to the projector, and I decided to turn on photobooth so the people who were partying with us could se themselves projected up behind us, and I pressed record. That thing is so cool. The sound is borkage, but footage is awesome, we're going nuts, people are going nuts, this ill dude with his foot in plaster is going nuts, it nuts.

This guy was a dude. Prolly still is, for that matter.

Pixel copped himself the Fresh Garment. People look so cool in that thing.

There's Jack, before he failed to go home to bed and get a good night's sleep ahead of the second leg. He earned it.

Lars is such a fucking lovely dude. That's us just having done Living In The Future during my set. He brought me back out during his to join him, John and Science on Falling Apart. It was a beautiful moment in time.

They all are.

Photos by Drift Racin' Damo and @matthewvose.