The Tour, The Tour!

One day to go, ladies and Gs. One day, until myself and Dj Jack Nimble set out on the road for three weeks of playing music to people every night. We are rehearsed. We are slick. The travelodges are booked. The internet is booked. The dongle is in the post. We have shitloads of CDs and T-shirts to sell, to pay for the petrol and Travelodges. We haven't got a driver.


Yep, a number of dropouts have left us the the precarious position of having a tour to go on, and now way to go on it. Till the 21st anyway. At that point the Legendary Set Dressing Tim will be picking us up, and all will be shiny and great. But until then, we are currently driverless. So if you, or anyone you know, would like to drive me and DJ Jack Nimble around, and help us sell merch, get in touch...

Oh, how I love these situations. I am still leaking florescent snot and talking like Barry White, but I am still full of certainly that my cold will magically disappear tomorrow morning. There are some issues with videos that need to be sorted before I leave, but I have faith in that area too. Joyful optimism/blind faith has gotten my this far, and I can't believe it is about to dash me against the rocks now, so close to the hour of triumph...

Speaking of which, mark your calendars NOW, ladies and Gs...

JUNE 2nd 2011! Come celebrate with us, at


It's going down at Concrete in Shoreditch, East London from 7pm till late. There will be so many special guest stars you might go blind. Amazing DJs, visuals, drink and joy, for we will be celebrating hard. This thing has been a long time coming.

I would truly love for you to come down and celebrate with us, as it's as much your night as ours. You can get tickets here. They'll be on one of those swanky online stores tomorrow, but that shit is taking ages to set up, so for now GET YOUR TICKETS HERE WITH NO BOOKING FEE!