The Thoughts of George Monbiot

Gwilym writes: Know you... have some interest in this - didn't see the program but an interesting response - with a sensible conclusion.

Personally I think the truth probably lies somewhere between the two - ie the planet certainly goes through natural thermal cycles, but our excess belching of various gasses can't be helping our position too much in the short-run. Either way better to err on the side of caution.,,2032570,00.html

To which I replied:

Cheers Gwil!

I had a big argument with Jeres about this last night. I am personally unconvinced as to the extent of CO2's role in global warming, and am amazed at how many people espouse the fascistic view that, even if it isn't, we should pretend it is anyway "just in case", and sentence 2 billion people to death and poverty. Of course we should attempt to pollute less. But to wilfully create some evil CO2 Satan to keep us in line smacks of classic religious madness to me. Sure it's fine for someone to believe in Satan so they stop doing mean things like killing people (duh!), but when the greedheads hijack that faith to their ends, is when it gets ugly, and we realise that we ought to have relied on common sense a bit more from the get go.


Oh, and I just got sent this, adding more fuel to this rotten fire.