The Strange And Frightening Worlds of Lil Wayne & Akira The Don

thequietuswayne So, I have written an article on the carreer of Lil Wayne for The Quietus. Check it here.

In other news, Adam Walton interviewed me and Littles about ATD16 for his BBC Radio Wales show last week, and that will be running on Sunday. Adam says:

is a *special edition* of the programme.

That's a nice way of saying that it is pre-recorded because I will be in the middle of a week off*.

However, there will be much to marvel at: Huw Williams recounts the time he became the first person on the radio, anywhere, to play Stereophonics [from their original demo]; we have the first Unsigned Advice Panel, featuring the Green Man Festival's Jo Bartlett, record producer Greg Haver & Huw Williams [again, with a different hat on]; Peppermint Patti will be in to enthuse about their favourite music of female origins [but let's not use the term 'mofo'], Akira the Don expounds on the glory of his latest mixtape, ATD16, and we have a raw and ace session from The Clay.

It's going to be full and ACE.

You will be able to hear that here.