The Soul In Vega

Hey gang! I hope you had an great bank holiday weekend. Even if it wasn't a bank holiday weekend for you. I have been mostly chained to this desk working on that awesome Street Fighter music. It's been a blast! People keep popping by and adding dope stuff to it. Envy's on her way right now. Jeres dropped by earlier just as I was about to hop in the shower. He's adding guitar to Vega right now. It's sounding beautiful. Vega has some haunting music, really he does.

So, we're in pretty awesome shape. Here's the board:

The circles on the left indicate which tracks have completed scratches on them. Ticks mean complete song. And so on. FYI, I am using one of my girl's magic whiteboard things. They're pretty useful. I hear they started life as a Dragon's Den pitch. Shout out TV enterepenours worldwide!

Oh snap! Envy just showed. She's writing on a laptop now, Said laptop is covered with stickers, like guitars in the early nineties.  Don approves. Fire imminent! And since we're still on this thing, keep those drops coming! They're great! akirathedon at!