The Return Of Raskitt

The new Dizzee Rascal single, Sirens, is awesome. Think The Prodigy's Their Law crossed with Slick Rick's Children's Story, and you're in the proverbial ballpark. It is fucking sweet as a nut sweet like Tropicana to hear more proper storytelling from UK cats. The revolution came, as promised. Bizzle's at it on his new album - one track specifically (produced by ME, haters!) is so visual it should be a movie. Obviously there's a bunch of it on my new record, but always did that shit. I am a pioneer. A thieving pioneer. Where's my crown at? HMM?

Haha. Don't worry. I will get what's coming to me. The slaps and the daps.

What's super awesome about the new Dizzee single, for a part-time chaos magician such as my self, is the video. Who'd have thunk Grant Morrison's reach would be so wide? Following The Matrix, etc. The Invisibles gets jacked again - one of the earlier issues featured a scally scouser being chased around a London estate by Red Coats - and I mean the horse riding, fox hunting, child molesting types, not the Butlins-dwellers. And guess what happens in the Dizzee video? Those same redcoats go to East London's Bow, in search of a Raskitt! I am totally made up. I wonder if Dizzee's read The Invisibles. Maybe not. Collective consciousness is a motherfucker.