The Real Adam Narkiewicz Just Stood Up

ja1At the insistence of my manager, the Evil Dr Paul Hitchman, of the Ancient Bavarian Hitchman Clan, I spent a short while this afternoon going through my Goggle Analytics pages, which lead me to a number of startling revelations, amongst them that the whole world and his wife came here on Sunday to find out if Wiley was dead or not (he's not!), and... ...there's another Adam Narkiewicz.

Another Adam Narkiewicz! With his own website! Two in one world! Who'd have thunk it?

He knew of me already - he's linked to this site from his front page, amidst this foreign screed:

Być może trafiłeś(aś) tu w poszukiwaniu walijskiego rapera, który stwierdził, że woli się przedstawiać jako Akira the Don, a nie Adam Narkiewicz. W tym przypadku odsyłam Cię do jego oficjalnej strony internetowej.

I think I really  like this Adam Narkiewicz too.

He is Polish, but has the good grace to translate a small section of his website into English ("the English version of my website does not include some parts of its Polish counterpart because I had no reason to translate them all," he writes, matter of factly). Evidently a considerate, and well reasoned individual.

But who is this other Adam Narkiewicz?

"My name is Adam Narkiewicz," he writes, as proudly as the bearer of so noble a name might. "At present, I am a student of Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University. Furthermore, I enjoy informatics and always try to understand how the surrounding reality works."

Cot dang! That's what I do!


Understanding how the surrounding realty works is evidently so important a task the universe deemed it necassary to put two of us down here, linked by one glorious name, to do that good work. At last I know my place in things!

So I thank you, other Adam. You have helped to reaffirm my existence, and its realitive import. From this day forth I stride forward with a refreshed sense of purpose. Nothing shall get me down now. Just knowing there's another Adam Narkiewicz out there is enough.

(Anyone read that American Splendour strip about this stuff? Pre-internet, phonebook stuff. Amazing.)