The Quitter Part 56

Anyone seen my Wacom pen? I'm a have to do all this drawing in pencil or some shit otherwise. Maybe I'll go out and buy some pens. With all my magic beans. A haaaaaaaw! I'm on my second day without fags. Here we go again! I got a good feeling this time. Who wants to ming of fags in the spring anyway?

So, as soon as Zef sorts out the new MP3 player, there'll be a new preview track from Thieving. The T shirts went off to the printers on Friday, the CD goes off tomorrow. URK! I gotta mix, like 6 songs, and Zef's gotta do the back of the thing, and we're done. Whoo!

News bits:

Rappers Back Obama (Apart From 50)

Pimp C Died Of Cough Syrup Overdose/

Uncle Murda For Glasto?

Clipse Diss Wayne, Threaten To Kill Baby

Willie Nelson: Towers Imploded

And so on!