The Plot

"If our universe functions associatively - which we might expect, if both it and our consciousness are holographic - then our dwelling upon a subject may be the equivalent of an evocation: a calling forth of information both useful and irrelevant." Jeff Wells

Hey yo you good good people. I write to you amidst a fug of smoke from my spot on Upper Clapton Road. I am in The Roof - top floor of the building, I look out of my window and I see the top of stoke Newington stretching out to that goshdang Gherkin that I swear is a missile that will one day take off and blow up the motherlovin' moon.

My mattress rests on the floor, backed up by its broken bed frame. Everything in this house is falling apart. Jeres' curtain rail came crashing down the other night, so he's pinned up a translucent black sheet, giving his room a nice gothic air, and I ripped him off and hung my Spider-man bedspread over the window.

I just mixed the demo of a song called 18, which may or may not be the centrepiece of my second album. The first is sill out there, doing its thing - Oh! What A Glorious retirement Fund shows up on two BBC ads yesterday. Before that second album, I'm gonna hit you off with a bridge - the mixtape will contain ten remastered mixtape classics, and ten new songs, culled from the When We Were Young and LP2 sessions. Maybe some more stuff. I'm getting that together next week. There'll be a brand new double A side single, and three new videos. Zef's working on some Thanks For All The AIDS T-Shirts.

I saw The Simpsons movie last night. I laughed the whole way through.

My internet is behaving really oddly right now - I can only get on Gmail, Rigint and for some reason. Social Networking Groups are a no no. If you have anything to say to me, do it here or by the email.

Really though, you should go read Jeff Wells.

PS - The pictures were taken the good Dr Saam Gabbay, who was in Joshua Tree watching that meteor shower. Saam knows how to go about this business called living.