The Phone Curse

Good news! ZION 2012 CDs are in! I've also done a second printing of Unkillable Thunderchrist, since that sold out pretty quick. Cop them both here. Expecting the ZION prints tomorrow. I'm looking forward to those, that sleeve is one of my all time favourites.

In other news, I have a phone again. I have truly been cursed as far as phones are concerned this year. First I lose my Z phone back in May, only for the insurers to refuse to pay out because I didn't report it lost within three days (because I was LOOKING FOR IT!), then I get sic-ed with £800 in data roaming charges from going to America with my sim in my wife's phone, then I use my wife's upgrade to get a new phone, which takes a month to turn up and involves the navigation of many infuriating hoops before it's finally functional... then, after months of argy and bargy, in July T-Mobile finally agree to slash 90% off my bill (shout out my WIFE and my MUM who helped me put the incredible letter that did the job together), and un-suspend my phoneline. A week later I drop the thing in a canal at the culmination of a particularly ugly and saddening incident during my little brother's ill fated stag weekend. And no, I hadn't gotten round to insuring it yet. £500 of phone. Splash. Splunk. PAIN! And RAGE!

Now, in the second week of August, I've unlocked my old man's dinky little Xperia to my network, so you can call me again. It won't Instagram, and it won't Evernote, and if you wanna write on it you have to go through three letters like phones used to all those billions of years ago, but at least I won't be missing opportunities to play in Japan like I was last month (sad but true). And I have dumped a bunch of cash on Ebay to get that drown-ed HTC One X back, because it was an amazing machine that increased my work output massively. And yes, I will insure the thing. I get free insurance through my bank, anyway. Maybe you do. Have a look. Those evil fuckers have to be useful for something.

So, it's Tuesday already, and on Friday I will be travelling North to master the vibes at the Virgin Media Our House at V festival, with The Clash DJs. Shit's gonna be FUN. I have  camera crew with me as well, so if you can't make it you'll be able to see how we get down. Bubba, we get DOWN. Like goths in the 80s. Amen.

Speaking of old shit, look at this funny-ass Google thing that shows up when you search for me nowadays:

AHAHAHA. Google you crack me up. I'm independent AND on Interscope? I am evidently amazing. Thanks for telling the world.

Right, back to work. Making a song, then shooting a historic video with Mighty Tom Coles for a ZION song. Gonna be rampaging around Stratford, holla if you're around.

RIP Joe Kubert. I dreamed of attending his school when I was a little boy, and I could recreate his signature from memory. Uppercase G. Godspeed.

EDIT: Just after I posted this, the phone mysteriously rejected the sim card and refused to connect to the network. I came very close to throwing it out the window. What the hell is going on? Perhaps there is some great intergalactic disaster that would occur if I had a functioning mobile phone for more than haf an hour.

EDIT 2: Just after I posted that last edit it started working again. Someone, or something, is fucking with me.

EDIT 3: False alarm, I can make calls but not receive them. *throws phone out of window