The Peak Experience Glory of The Double Rainbow Joy unto mankind! Look at this wonderful video of a guy freaking out over a double ("starting to look like a tripple rainbow"). I spotted it on Jay Electra's twitter feed. Amen unto him.

That guy is having what's know as a Peak Experience.

I have had a few. One I described on a song from The Kidnapping. I was sat on one of the 50p shaped benches outside Woolworths one day after school when I was about 15, and all of a sudden I could see everything that had been in that area, and presumably ever would be, all at once. The people stretched down the high street like worms, multilayered trees and shops and buildings teetered up into the sky like Jack's beanstalk. I was overcome with an intense feeling of bliss and awareness. Yet almost as quickly as the vision came, it was gone.

Another time I was sat on a patch of grass next to some partly demolished houses in Brooklyn. I'd been wandering around all day looking for a house to live in. I sat my ass down and started to read a Hate comic book. The sun fell upon me, and I looked up, and the sky seemed to burst open, and I was once again suddenly overcome with a great and overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, and at the same time a deep and certain awareness of who I was, and how I fit into everything. It only happened for a moment, but the feeling, and a little of the awareness stayed with me. Sometimes when I'm a bit sad I suddenly remember it, without even trying to, and I feel better.

"Above the clouds, no rain," as I once rapped.

How about you?