The Omega Sanction Digital Download: Out Now

tos My chest is thundering - The Omega Sanction digital download has flown the cooop, and is Out There, in the 6th dimension.


MP3: £4.41. MP3 + T-Shirt - £13.99


Preorderers have been sent the link - if, for some Gmail related reason, you pre-ordered and you haven't gotten it, email me and I'll sort you out.

I was sickened in the stomach to not get the CDs delivered today... My CD pressing people have been Longing Me Off, which is technical speak for Not Delivering On Time... however, my glamorous assistant has been, um, persuading them to try harder, and we are promised delivery mid-next week. So hold tight, and don't hate me, I have been trying REALLY HARD, wah wail weep etc.

Good news though - your stickers turned up on time (at the wrong address, but on time), and they're gorgeous.