The Mystery Of Hollyoaks

A nice readerlistener called Graham writes: "hi bro just wanna ask you a question, a few people have been saying that it was your song that was used on an episode of Hollyoaks last friday, but other people have been saying it aint cause it dont sound like it, a lot a people want to get it so i thought i would ask you to take a look at the vid and tell me if it is or not, if you could reply and let me know id be grateful. heres the link, the song is right at the end of the vid (it starts just as the 3 girls phone the ambulance)

cheers bro


And cheers you, Dr Graham. Indeed, the good people at Hollyoaks have been caning a song of mine called Dead Babies - it's shown up a bunch of times over the past few months, and my spies tell me it WAS played on Friday's show - but it isn't that song at the end (unless they slowed it down a lot and changed the pitch). It's the song they also play at the start of this episode, cleverly YouTubed below...

So there you go. Televisual Glory. I am very proud to be soundtracking this beautiful boy/boy love affair. Long may it continue. And long may you lot continue to inform my non-television-owning ass about my televisual appearances. I thank you.