The Most Horrible So-Called Mashup of All Time

As you may know, sometimes I help my buddy Jeres out with the quiz he does at Pub On The Park in London Feilds, called Electric Quizzard. I DJ, do a round of questions, and "the mystic mashup", which I always knock together at the last minute in a frenzy. Yesterday's was particularly frenzied, and deeply, deeply horrible, so I thought I'd upload it for you to listen to and see if you can work out what the hell went into it (I also promised one of the quiz attendees I would, as she, quite strangely, liked it).


What a cacophony, huh?

So, yeah, answers in the comments section as to what the hell that was made up of. There are 9 songs in total. I want the artist name and song title, and for a bonus point, you can tell me what key it's in.


I am a great quiz person. Two of my questions were about Lil B, and one of them went a little something like this:

Which of the following isn't a Lil B line?

  • hoes on my dick cos I look like Jesus
  • hoes on my dick cos I look like the Frenchman
  • Hoes on my dick cos i laugh when they're shopping
  • I'm paris hilton, bitch I'm paris hilton

If you know the answer to THAT you can leave it in the comments as well.

To be honest, I was so annoyed with how long it was taking to prepare for the quiz I was going to hand in my resignation, but then I had loads of fun, like I always do, and remembered that it is a thing of great joy to have a little hobby to share with ones' friends outside of ones' work, so I shall be back for the next one, whenever that is, and you should all come cos its dead fun and you might win £50, or a bottle of champagne, or an ashtray with some big lips on it.

Speaking of non-work related fun, BJ's taking me to see Crispin Glover tonight. He's showing his un-showable 2007 opus It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine at the Phoenex Cinema in East Finchley. I used to live in East Finchley, many moons ago when I was a "music journalist" and always had a bottle of liquid acid in the leg pouch of my Johnny Blaze jeans. I was an affront to the general decency of the community, living in a house far too nice for me and having far too many loud and decadent parties that tended to start at around 4am when we got back from the club and end 24 hours later when we ran out of puff.

Yes, those were definitely some days, but I don't know if I'd put a "the" in front of them. Either way, Crispin Glover ceratinly acts like he knows the inside of a bottle of liquid acid pretty well, and I am looking forward to tonight very much. He's doing Q and A afterwards, so if anyone has any questions they want me to ask him, do let me know.

Finally, in case you hadn't noticed I have upped the clean version and the instrumental of me and Joey and Envy's pop smash I Am Not A Robot here, so go and download and hassle your favourite DJ to play it, because its amazing and I haven't got a radio plugger yet.