The Miracle Of Love

Mister Miracle I think I mentioned a while ago, Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers Of Fortune is one of the best uses of the comic book medium I have encountered. It reads like Stephen Hawking's model of the universe as a rugby ball. Seven seperate naratives pusing ever-outward from one point, only to be sucked back in, like a reverse cymbal. Swwwwoooofsh! I gotta be honest, first time I read Seven Soldiers, Mister Miracle was the one story I didn't get. I didn't fully understand Mister Miracle. First time I read it I thought it to be an admittedly beautiful story about a man's death. When in fact it is about the opposite.

Shilo Norman, AKA Mister Miracle, the ultimate escape artist, gets trapped in The Omega Sanction - an infinite spiral of ever-increasingly-shitty lives - "each new existence more degraded than the last," as the thing that put him there has it, or "the trap that follows you wherever you go... that moves as you move, unseen all around," in the words of the Omega Sanction itself.

He doesn't know he's trapped, initially. Tale as old as time. But he's the ultimate escape artists. What's dude gonna do?

Thassright! I took great inspiration from this. The funk is defeated. BACK!

Mister Miracle PS - I watched the rest of Breakfast with Hunter whilst cleaning the studio. it was very sweet, actually.