The Massacre.

WOW. They're so getting rid of them now.

As for those fool Liberal Democrats who never showed for the vote, rendering these Lords, for once, useful... how much were they paid? And why is it when you search "fuckwit" in Google you get John Prescott and not Charles Kennedy?

Or, for that matter 50 Cent.

So, when the Game was in Amsterdam, shouting "fuck Jay-Z, G g g g G Unit!" I just had this perfect mental image of 50 sat at home hearing it on the internet and slapping his forhead. Thus it came as little surprise to hear 50'd kicked him out. Live on the radio.

A little more of a surprise is how long its been going on.

And then sadness, for poor The Game said "G G G G Gee OooNIT" all over the world, and backed up 50 in his beefs with Ja Rule, and who had Game's back when Memph Bleek and Yukmouth were hammering his name?

Saddest though, was The Game, being questioned about the disses coming his way from G Unit, saying the only member he was "100 % cool with" was Young Buck, who just so happened to be on the other side of town saying of the Compton native, "he's just a rapper, he don’t live it, man." Buck then asked Daddy 50 if he wanted him to "take care of" The Game, and his lovely scowly face.

Game responded at a show shortly afterwards.

MEAN! Jealously and meanness, and another perfect example of the weird nature of Boy. You don't catch girls doing this sort of thing. Check this interview with 50, it really made me sad, thinking of him all alone in his 18 room mantion, worrying his poor head about selling less records than he did last time round, crying into his million dollar pillows. Then check grown ass Mel Man's side.

Still, I'm looking forward to that Game and Nas record now. And the Jada and Joe Crack tracks. (Crack on 50 - "My job is to make hot records so people can be entertained. My job is not to be in the paper affiliated with all this ruckus. That's not what I'm with. I'm into giving the kids computers. I'm into running basketball programs in the summer so they can meet their favorite NBA players. Basically the 'Piggy Bank' is just to create hype, to create sales for [50's] career... [that] I don't appreciate being a part of.")

That shit is entertaining. But, like my boys Ox and Neuts said, when is everybody going to stop getting shot? And what's the likelihood of the king going uncrowned, when the judges are people like, um, this kid here I'm about to copy paste...

Dear lord.

What it is, is was got an "old head" and a "young cat" to review the new 50 album by messneger. Read it and weep, peep.

Old Head (11:05:03 PM): Can we agree that 50 is singing too much? This singing is outta control. He dis Ja for that. Old Head (11:05:21 PM): 50 can rap but he sounds forced. Young Cat (11:05:54 PM): yeah he’s singing 2 much , but while I’m saying that, I’m singing right along wit ‘im. Old Head (11:06:32 PM): I'm fast forwarding while you and him are singing. Young Cat (11:06:39 PM): lol Young Cat (11:07:10 PM): I can remember it, that’s the good thing Old Head (11:08:02 PM): You can remember it? So you want the most simple stuff in your music? Old Head (11:08:24 PM): That's what Sesame Street and the "ABC's song" is for! Young Cat (11:08:53 PM): yeah, why it gotta be so complex 4? I got to focus on other things, why sit and wonder when I just get the words right in my face?

My A & R has been expressing worries about people like Young Cat not being able to understand my accent.


I mean, I know America is doing its best to make monkeys of its young men, attentive, subsurvient lapdopgs of its girls. I know were are in the end days, because they're gonna let Paul Wolfowitz run the world bank.

I was going somewhere with this.

Ah well.

I heard Jimmy squashed it.

Let us hope so.

You know what made me happy? When I heard The Game, a blood, bought his block, and runs his Black Wall Street company from the same Compton corner shop he used buy his blunts from, employing crips and bloods and his uncle Jerry. Then I hear it got shot up by Crips.

I was thinking about 50 getting pissed off that Interscope were prioratising The Game's album, all alone in his mansion, The Game getting shot at in the hood that he bought, and Ice Cube, who wrote Stay True To The Game.

"Now you crossed over on MTV/ but they don't care/ they'll have a new nigga next year."

Yeah, they will.